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 We are an Indiana fishing lure manufacture that takes pride in our products, and on making high quality fishing lures. We can make these lures to your specifications, with over 75 skirt colors to choose from for our spinnerbaits in stock.  Custom is our middle name, we can make almost anything spinnerbait wise.  For the most part we build per order.

  Anglers worldwide report these lures as being the lure of choice when it comes down to nailing those big fish, and they have the photo's to show it!

 I started out just making a few baits for myself a few years back just as a hobby to do in the winter time.

  Then every year I'd head out with my fishing buddies and I'd start catching a few fish. It wasn't long after that they wanted to use the same baits I was using.

  Well, that's how it all came to be.

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G&G Bait Company – The Little Things Make the Difference
By. Brad Smith

I know it has been said before, but sometimes doing what everybody else isn't doing can be the best kept secret when it comes to catching fish. A tight-lipped presentation of a tourney pro who wins a few fishing tournaments becomes all the rage as soon as that secret gets out. A new lure will hit the fishing scene and become the must have lure in everybody's tackle box but then suddenly die back down as quickly as it appeared once the fishing world has had its time to adjust.

These little patterns have existed since fishing was simply throwing a spear in the water and hoping for the best. However, one small company located in central Indiana has gone back to the basics of what makes a lure special and packaged it just right so that all these lures do is catch fish.

In an era of low-cost goods and out-sourcing to the lowest bidder, all G&G spinnerbaits are custom made by hand to the specifications of each individual order.

Another noticeable difference is that each lure is crafted with higher gauge wire than what is normally found on most spinnerbaits so they really hold up well. G&G baits are also composed of higher quality components where normally this is the place that a lot of other bigger companies go cheap to save on costs. The end result is a tank of spinnerbait that runs true every time and won't fall apart after a couple decent bass put it to the test.

Over the summer I had the privilege of fishing these spinnerbaits fairly exclusively. I was very surprised at the amount of bass that I caught without needing to re-bend the wire to keep the bait running straight or needing to replace the skirts. I believe at one point I stopped and e-mailed G&G to let them know I needed to make another order soon because I was on my 25th bass on the same lure and I was hooked more than the fish! With quality results like that, I was, and continue to be a very satisfied customer.

G&G doesn't make just spinnerbaits either. Buzzbaits, jigs, and in-line spinners are also available and crafted with the same quality to pretty much cover about any freshwater species you might be after. The muskie in-lines are a favorite of mine as they have a variation of the now famous double-bladed large bucktails. These bucktails pounded muskies for me on a trip to Wisconsin earlier this year. They quickly became my first option when deciding on a lure to toss when things got tough.

The next time you are in the market for some new spinnerbaits or in-lines do yourself a favor and try a G&G bait. Like I said before, these baits are tanks and they will help you catch more fish.

Brad is a outdoor writer, his work can be seen from well know publications, such as Midwest Outdoors Magazine.
Please visit brads site Stream to pond